Trump Reaps Rewards of Unintended Consequences

Trump Reaps Rewards of Unintended Consequences
  • Impeachment may have backfired on Democrats.
  • President’s approval rating highest since his election to office.
  • GOP score highest since 2005.
  • Liberals won’t deny a potential second impeachment attempt.

( – The true reasons behind the Democrats’ rush to impeach President Donald Trump are a bit murky, to say the least. An attempt to invalidate the results of the 2016 election is the only one that’s blatantly obvious. Some posit it was an attempt to vilify him in the minds of American voters. Others say it was to make House Liberals shine as heroes as they take on a bully. Then there are those who opine that it was to deflect attention away from the debacle of progressive policies enacted in the deep blue states.

Whatever their intent, and it certainly was not Trump’s removal from office, anything positive for him and Republicans was not on the list. However, that’s where the first cousin of Murphy’s Law enters the picture: the law of unintended consequences.

Although still indicative of a country deeply divided along ideological lines, the Gallup poll for the period of January 16-29, 2020 revealed some interesting data:

  • President Trump’s overall approval rating is at an all-time high 49%
  • Among Republican voters, it’s 94%
  • The GOP rating is 51%, the first time over 50% since 2005

Still, the upswing is not totally due to the impeachment malarkey. People across the United States are changing their minds because of the way he is dealing with Iran, the vibrant economy, and foreign trade. While the Democrats are tilting at windmills, he’s focusing on his presidential obligations and the country recognizes his success.

In news of a different kind of poll, Americans are witnessing another trainwreck. The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) made a shambles of their recent caucuses. The candidates and the typically left-leaning media are taking them to task over what’s happening.

It’s becoming clearer by the day that the Democrats in Congress made a major misstep going forward with the House impeachment and forcing the Senate trial. They simply did not have any evidence that could clear the high-bar the Constitution sets for the removal of a president from office. We can only hope they’ve learned their lesson and won’t try again. However, such calm irrational voices as Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) aren’t discounting the idea.

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  1. Maxine Waters has used the Christian church and it’s pulpit to attempt to discredit, show disrespect and disdain for our President. She has invoked violence to all l who voted for our President. She must be removed as must all other elected officials who have broken our laws by attempting to frame this President. They have proven themselves to be corrupt, liars, giving false testimony and in conspiracy against the President. They have accused the President of what they were guilty of. They MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE

  2. The reason for the rush to impeachment is not murky at all. The reason for the rush to impeachment was because POTUS engaged in a scheme to have a foreign country intervene in an election, therefore putting a thumb on the scale. Nonetheless, the article is correct in saying Trump benefited from unintended consequences. But How sad is it that his highest rating in three years is 49%.

  3. An the US taxpayers are paying outrageous salaries for These elected officials???
    This is beginning to look like the Hit series ( Power )…


  4. Politicians have always had this handle(crooked). For reasons unknown Democrats have always been the more radical while the Republicans tend to be more caring and laid back. Americans have choices, good bad or indifferent when the chips are down we come together as Americans and as one nation.

  5. The reason Mr. Trump is in office is because God has given us a period of Grace. We must pray for our President, our leaders and for our country to be unified. Wrong things can be said or things can be taken wrongly so easily. We must extend one another grace and mercy just as we have received . Mrs. Polosi and friends need show to respect in spite of their intense lust for power.

  6. We need to remove the impeachment clause from the Constitution Allow “recall” so the “electors” can “unelect” in an election where they can vote.

  7. There should be a kill list. A list of all of those enemies of the American Republic. And that includes every George Soros. Funding Progressive antipathy groups Who Harang against Freedom Independence constitutionality And globalist policies that will destroy our country our culture. And our glorious Constitution Democrats in Congress need to be flushed out the old toilet. This is the worst by far. The most incredulously in that and Evil Congress. Schumer et al Should be sent off to re-education camps. Run by the Sinaloa cartel. The Zetas just aren’t violent enough. Don’t lose your head Chucky, Phucky. Let’s not forget Maxine Waters. That’s a definite. Funeral in the making, what an evil motherfuker! Then there’sAOC the three Headless Horseman They are Beyond re-education and just need to work in the fields. Lots of rice paddies in Southeast Asia

  8. Just think how high his approval would be if just 25% of the mainstream news was positive, instead of 90% to 100% negative. CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT & WAPO you people should be ashamed to call yourselves news organizations. You are a disgrace and I am embarrassed for you.

  9. I simply wish people no matter was side of the fence you are. Stop look and listen what we have here is a real chance at the American dream. President Trump has given us that. Even more we need to work together

  10. The country would not stand for any more exercises in impeachment. Maxine Waters, and her cohorts in the House would be put on trial themselves, by the american people. Certainly the Democrats must realize that our country has had enough of their opportunism, pathertic partizenship, and spoiled child reaction to Trump’s success. We are tired of watching the arrogant, self centered , egotistical, do nothing politicians in the House, use our time and tax dollars to preen and parade .

  11. Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Nadler, Feinstein, and all those sloths in Congress NEED TO GO HOME AND NEVER DISGRACE THE HALLS OF GOVERNMENT EVER AGAIN!!!
    Some are almost older than God so they better get their souls in order because God knows how corrupt they are and believe me He’ll take care of them, They can’t lie to Him
    Add the Clintons, including Chelsey, and they all better repent and make amends before it’s too late
    Good thing I’m not the Pope, Pelosi and Biden would be excommunicated YESTERDAY!!

  12. Oh please Dems…take another “shot” at impeaching Trump. He needs your continued “support”. Oh…and BTW, Adam Schiff needs another audition for an acting job in Hollyweird. He would fit right-in with what I witnessed Sunday night during the Oscars.

  13. To some in politics there is truly a fate worse than death, the power hungry elite loosing grip on there left base, people are indeed smarter than these elitist believe they are.


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