Trump Says Abortion Ruling Is What Hurt Republicans in Midterms, Although He Supports It

Trump Says Abortion Ruling Is What Hurt Republicans In Midterms, Although He Supports It
  • Trump blamed abortion for the GOP’s midterm losses.
  • The former president appointed the justices who overturned federal abortion protections.
  • Exit polling shows the issue was on voters’ minds when they took to the polls. 
  • Pro-life groups are upset about Trump’s remarks.

( – The midterm elections did not go well for the GOP. Sure, they were able to win the majority in the House of Representatives. However, they were not able to pull off the red wave they wanted, and the pitfalls of that were evident in the recent fight over who should serve as speaker of the House.

Many Conservatives took the election losses as an opportunity to blame former President Donald Trump for his decision to endorse some of the candidates who ended up losing their races. He isn’t buying it. Instead, the 45th POTUS thinks something else is to blame for the party’s failures.

Bad Idea

On January 1, Trump discussed the midterm losses on TRUTH Social. He told his followers the GOP shouldn’t be blaming him for its November losses. Instead, he said he thinks it was the issue of abortion that became the losing issue. Especially in the cases where candidates expressly stated how they didn’t think there should be exceptions for rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother. He said that stance cost Republicans a lot of votes.

The former president seems to be on the right track with that way of thinking. Exit polling has shown abortion was one of the most important issues during the last election cycle. If Trump is blaming the issue of abortion for the reason Republicans lost, there is a big ol’ elephant in the room, and it’s wearing a MAGA hat.

Trump’s Role in Dobbs

Trump added three Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices to the high court while he was in office. That unique opportunity allowed him to create a situation where the makeup of the court was decisively conservative. The former POTUS specifically promised he would choose judges who he believed would take the steps necessary to reverse longstanding federal protections for abortion.

In June 2022, Trump and the Republicans got their wish. The SCOTUS issued a ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision and reversed its previous Roe v. Wade precedent.

Pro-Life Groups React to Trump’s Accusations

The day after Trump’s remarks about abortion, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America responded. The Catholic News Agency reported the group said Republicans have been winning on the issue of abortion for decades, and their positions “contrast that with the extreme view of Democrat opponents.”

Live Action Founder Lila Rose posted a tweet saying the former president was “way out of line” with his remarks.

Do you think the former president was right about some candidates’ extreme positions on abortions?

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