Trump Says He Knows Who White House Mole Is

Trump Says He Knows Who White House Mole Is
  • Starting with an op-ed in 2018, and culminating in a 2019 book, the anonymous mole spread tales of personality defects and recklessness at the top of government – but gave no evidence to back them up.
  • On Tuesday, the president told reporters that he knew who the leaker was.
  • Trump says he can’t reveal the name but added, “People know it’s a fraud.”
  • The Trump administration has been dogged by hostile leaks from inside the White House.

( – Someone who claims to be a White House staffer is attacking President Trump from behind the cloak of anonymity – but now the president says he knows who the culprit is. Talking to reporters on Tuesday, he said he isn’t going to name the scurrilous writer publicly, but he has identified him.


The White House mole, nicknamed “Anonymous,” first surfaced in 2018, when they wrote an op-ed for the New York Times claiming to be part of the “resistance” to President Trump. The piece caused an uproar at the time and the anonymity of the author was a big part of that. However, in the context of hysterical opposition to the president, the content was incendiary too.

The author claimed that there was a “quiet resistance” inside the US government dedicated to stopping the president’s “reckless decisions” – in other words, trying to sabotage the political program the American people had voted for.

Nobody worked out who the leaker was, beyond the fact they claimed to be a “senior administration official,” and eventually the fuss died down. Then last November, the same person released a full-length book about what they claimed it was like inside the Trump administration.

As it turned out the book, dramatically titled “A Warning,” was panned by critics. The Washington Post reviewer, Carlos Lozada, complained that while the book talked about personalities and made claims about rash actions prevented, there was no clue what these actions might have been. He said, “‘A Warning’ tells us plenty about what Anonymous thinks, not enough about what Anonymous knows.”

Follow the Clues

However, while it didn’t say much about what they know the book did give a clue about who Anonymous was.

It wasn’t much, but the book’s dedication suggested that the writer had children. That’s nowhere near enough to identify them – many government staffers have children – but could it have narrowed the field enough that, by adding other details, the author’s identity could be uncovered?

President Trump says he can’t say who Anonymous is, but he does claim to know. If any senior officials quietly resign over the next couple of weeks there’s a good chance one of them is the White House mole, no longer quite as Anonymous as they tried to be.

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  1. We all have people whom we thought we could trust. Sad to say not all are trusting. Starting over is best for every new president. Pick your own appointed White House staff and congress and house No one needs to go through trying to run our country and having moles and hate of mankind. We need unity when good choice have been made.

  2. The President has something very special for this Low Life, I know how Trump thinks. Firing is too good, discrase is the best solution.

  3. you know ass hole, I’ve never saw a person who is never wrong until YOU! I hope they get you out so we all can REST. YOU are pethicit!

  4. Yeah, military firing squad for a traitor. What cowards the socialist Marxist are , and the traitors should be military executed.

  5. I’m glad someone has decided to do this. We need a watchman over this administration. The identity will come out eventually.

  6. The problem with shooting the mole is you can’t make them suffer. Now me I’d make them ambassador of the farthest most desolate crap hole in the world.any suggestions?

    • Yes, Ambassador to the Gulag resorts in Eastern Siberia, or better yet The Consulate General’s office in Wuhan, China.

  7. I think General Kelly was a deep state insider which is why he took the job! He was there to keep an eye and to stop Trump!

  8. Dont fire em, stand em against a tree on the east lawn and shoot em! Be a lesson to all the other Obummer holdovers!!!😈

  9. Get rid of the traitors , we don’t need spies in positions of power.This is war , bad enough we have the media working against our president

  10. Trashing POTUS under the moniker ‘anonymous’ says it all…whoever it is they are NEVER to be trusted. So, if this turncoat is your parent…good luck.

  11. Get them or it out of our Government, if you can not keep your mouth shut go live in the woods…need to know means just that.

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