Trump Says “Something Going On” With Biden

Trump Says
  • Trump picks up on Biden’s embarrassing errors at town hall meeting.
  • Former VP has made several serious gaffes on campaign trail, questioning his ability to serve as POTUS.
  • There are also still questions about his links to his son’s business deals.
  • Trump seems relaxed about facing either of the leading Dem candidates.

( – As the Democratic presidential race narrows to the last three candidates, President Trump got his first blows in early as he slammed front-runner Joe Biden for his increasingly erratic behavior. Talking at a Fox News town hall event, the president honed in on Biden’s increasingly erratic behavior, questioning whether he’s even competent to be president.

Event in Biden’s Hometown

At the packed event in Scranton, PA – Biden’s hometown – Trump referred to the former vice president’s growing list of embarrassing gaffes. He’s quickly developing a reputation for eccentricity and verbal slip-ups, and often seems confused about what stage of his career he’s at or who he’s talking about.

Recent clangers by Biden include mixing up what day it was, announcing that he was running for the Senate and apparently getting confused between his wife and sister.

Trump openly played on this at the meeting, saying “And then we have this crazy thing that happened on Tuesday, which he thought was Thursday…”

The president also touched on the lingering doubts about Biden’s links to his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine. He said the former vice president’s reputation has taken damage from it, with the scale of his kid’s financial compensation being large enough to raise some eyebrows.

The Dem Field

Asked which of the two leading Dem candidates he’d rather face, Trump said, “I’m all set for Bernie,” then added – to laughter from the audience – “Communist.” The truth is there are advantages for the president in either of the options.

Sanders is an open goal, because his radical socialist beliefs – and increasing unrest at his support for communist dictators – are a huge deterrent to centrist swing voters.

On the other hand, Biden has the moderate policies most likely to achieve a Democrat victory, but if he keeps making the sort of mistakes he has been so far that’s going to worry a lot of voters, too. Nobody wants to vote for a president just to have them step down a year or two into their first term because they’re not mentally competent to do the job. Adding insult to injury, they’d be replaced by a vice president the American people didn’t really get to choose.

Apart from the Democratic race, the town hall also covered a range of other issues, with Trump seeming confident and upbeat about his administration’s performance across the board. It seems he’s looking forward to the challenge no matter who he faces in November.

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