Trump Shocks With Kaepernick Statement

Trump Shocks With Kaepernick Statement

( – Colin Kaepernick is one of the most controversial figures in sports, even long after he’s left the playing field. The former NFL quarterback started kneeling during the national anthem, which outraged the nation. President Donald Trump is one of his most vocal critics, but this week he said the football player should get another opportunity to play.

During an interview with Sinclair on June 17, Trump said he’d “love to see” Kaepernick “get another shot” in the league “if he deserves it.” The president went on to say the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback was let go because he wasn’t a great player. The last year the QB was with the team their record was 2 wins and 14 losses.

Trump’s comments come a few days after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he encourages teams to sign Kaepernick onto their roster. The football player had a chance to try out for teams last year, but he didn’t show up for his workout with representatives

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  1. The only reason I can figure out the media panders him is because he is black & is beloved by the liberals & the liberal media.

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