Trump Slams Postal Ballot Plans

Trump Slams Postal Ballot Plans

( – Many states are planning a radical expansion of mail-in votes for the general election in November. Democrats claim this is necessary to keep the public safe from the coronavirus, even though the infection rate is already falling and lockdowns will be long over by November. Opponents say it’s a cynical ploy to maximize the Dem vote.

Now President Trump has weighed in with a crushing denunciation of mail-in ballots. Tweeting there’s “NO WAY (ZERO!)” this won’t lead to massive voting fraud. The president pointed out that California, to use one example, is sending ballots to everyone who lives in the state. Everyone.

In fact it’s even worse than that. California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is sending ballot papers to everyone registered to vote in the state. He already knows, however, California’s voter roll is out of date and hugely unreliable. He’s made little attempt to fix this before using it to influence the fate of our country for the next four years.

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  1. The Demo’s have become somthing that I don’t know. This was my party and my anscestors were solid supporters. What has happened? The integrity and honesty of genuine politician’s. It ain’t the same anymore. They demonized this party. Allowed satan in their criteria. Lead by some very past corrupt greedy leadership. Shame on them!

  2. Federal postal inspectors should be doing their job. Postal carriers should be held accountable for delivering ballots or any mail that does not belong to that address. If the postal service does its job correctly . When a single address is delivered more ballots than the number of occupants a postal carrier is doing their job and postal inspector should step in. Federal offence. A lot of ballots would be returned not forwarding address, attemped unknown, and etc.

  3. It’s time to send all the illegals home ! There are not enough jobs here now ! Every person that was not born here should be sent back ! Every child that was born here to illegal parent’s should be sent back and their parents !!! We are in a war for survival!

  4. What can we the people do?Democrats will do what they want and get away with it.If you vote republican your mail in goes to trash,and if your democrat voter,illegal, or dead yours is counted.There ready to do anything possible.DONALD TRUMP WILL NOT WIN IN 2020.Democrats have no morals,come on they kill babies without blinking an eye.Whats stealing an election to them,they have no integrity and corrupt.POWER AND MONEY IS THE DEMOCRATS GOD

  5. We The People will not ever lose our country to a Corrupt government as we will fight. We will not allow them to continue on their corrupt tyrannical ways we now see who they really are and now is the perfect time to punish them all for their treasonous crimes. And I for one say to the DOJ bring back hangings to this country and have it on the news make the media put that on the 4:00 news for everyone too see. Time they start protecting the OATH they took to get where they are today and punish all traitors by the Laws of our Constitution. No more games send the evil back to HELL where they belong.

  6. I fully agree WE the people cannot allow this atrocity to take place.
    Dems know that they can’t win , so they will lie and cheat.

  7. Look, don’t you all know buy now that The Dems have tried to Oust Trump with everything they did to degrade his integrity, his is, in case everyone forgot, “President Donald J Trump” United States of America. The Dems will try anything to get even with Trump for beating them at their own game in the 2016 election. Mail ballets can only make this great country fail. Who would be in charge to check the legality of the ballot, no photo I.D, no proof that actually a registered voter sent the ballot. I WAS BORN IN 1943 AND VOTED DEMOCRAT ALL MY LIFE UNTIL 2016 WHEN I VOTED FOR TRUMP. I gained enough knowledge regarding politics to know that every politician was corrupt and our government does not have clean hands. However along comes Trump and low and behold, does not join in the reindeer games ( like Rudolf) in Washington and claims he wants to drain the swamp. Immediately the Dems set out to destroy him. After realizing that the Dems had no scruples and no common sense, corrupt and were filled with hatred against the most powerful person in the world “The President of the United States” I changed parties and became a proud Republican. I will join any protest to prevent voting by mail, it will destroy America. Voting laws were made to give every citizen of the U.S. the right to vote. Can you imagine allowing all the millions of illegals to control the fate and future of this great country? Lets get off our asses and support opening the polling places and cast our votes in accordance with the law.

  8. I am totally against mail in votes, hopefully this virus will be over when it comes time to
    vote and even if it is not I will put my mask on and go down and vote.

  9. EVERY illegal immigrant should be deported and if they cross back over the border illegally again, send them back with a toe tag. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Compassion and wisdom are not the same thing. American taxpayers cannot afford another person on our backs. The Democrats MUST be voted OUT of office. They are evil anti-American to the core of their being.

    • I 100% agree with you, ‘Im an American citizen who came here from Haiti, because my mother work 2 jobs and applied to get me and my sister here to this great country legally. She had to wait in line till we were approve for our visa. these illegal leaches who comes here to steal our Jobs and degrade the American way of life expect evrything to be handed to them. Most of them are criminals fleeing their country. The democrats are really disgusting, Vile demonic people who wants to sell us out so they can get these millions of illega votes to stay in power and then changes our constitution, then bring in socialism. Mark my words if and maybe when this happen they will become like Hitler and go after to kil, destroyed and imprisoned all who won’t did’nt vote for them or won’t fall in line with their sick and immoral agenda.

  10. It took 4 years of failed coup attempts to come up with this blatantly illegal atrocity! Stop it or we lose the country.

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