Trump Slams “Selfish” Warren For Not Withdrawing

Trump Slams
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren failed to win any states on Super Tuesday.
  • Warren was looked at as a “spoiler” candidate. 
  • President Trump pointed out that the senator was siphoning votes away from her colleague Bernie Sanders.
  • On Thursday, Warren decided to end her campaign.

( – President Trump intervened in the Democrat presidential race Tuesday, telling Senator Elizabeth Warren that she was selfish for not withdrawing. The question is, was Trump just poking fun at an old adversary? Or, is he trying to manipulate the Dem race in his favor? Either way, it looks like his criticism hit the mark.

Super Tuesday turned out to be a huge upset for the Democratic Party, with Joe Biden managing to turn round a struggling campaign and sweep the board across the South. While Bernie Sanders took the huge prize of California, along with a couple of other states, it was Biden’s night.

Meanwhile, Warren ended the night with no states backing her. She didn’t even win in her home state of Massachusetts – Biden took that one, too.

Trump’s Words of Wisdom

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted:

This is accurate; although she’s tacked slightly back towards the mainstream in the last couple of weeks Warren has been chasing the same far-left votes as Sanders for most of the campaign.

A split in the socialist vote, plus the withdrawal of several moderate candidates over the last few weeks, has clearly helped Biden regain his lost momentum. With mainstream Democrats seriously worried about Sanders’ electability in a contest with President Trump, the moderate wing of the party is now coalescing around the former vice president.

On Thursday, Warren realized the president was right and dropped out of the race.

The Rest of the Field

With Mike Bloomberg dropping out of the race on Wednesday, only Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is competing with Biden for centrist votes – and she’s trailing far behind.

The big question is who Trump wants to run against in November. Both Democrat front-runners have serious issues that the president could turn to his advantage. Sanders’ radical socialist beliefs alienate the key swing voters the Democrats need to attract if they want to regain the White House – but Biden’s links to possible corruption in Ukraine, and his increasingly erratic behavior, make him an easy target too.

With Warren out and Gabbard so far behind, it looks as though it’s a two-man race. Has the president decided that the ideal opponent in November’s election is the man he calls Sleepy Joe? It’s starting to look that way.

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