Trump Speculates That AI Technology May Soon Replace Speechwriters

( – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been trying out the latest technology as an alternative to traditional speechwriters. Trump recently told a podcaster that Artificial Intelligence (AI) wrote a “beautiful” speech in just seconds. He seems to be a big fan, but not everyone is so enthusiastic.

On June 13, Trump was interviewed by influencer Logan Paul for the latest episode of his “Impaulsive” podcast. During the interview, the former president discussed AI, which, over the last couple of years, has moved from research labs to the internet. Trump praised the “really powerful” technology and told Paul he had recently had a speech rewritten by AI. He said he’d spoken to “one of the top people,” who had taken a basic outline and in 15 seconds had produced the finished speech. Trump said it was “beautifully written” and added that he’d “never seen anything like it.”

Podcast co-host Mike Majlak then asked Trump if he’d used his classic “You’re fired” line from ”The Apprentice” on his speechwriter. Trump, hopefully joking, then looked at the camera and said, “Vince, you’re fired.”

Does speechwriter Vince Haley still have his job? However impressed Trump was with his computer-written speech, he’d be smart to keep Haley around for another few years. While AI has made impressive progress, it’s still far from perfect. Tech giant Google recently had to apologize after its AI tool, Gemini, erased white people from art it created. Even when asked to create images of Vikings and Nazi soldiers, it refused to give them white skin and generated pictures of black and Native American people.

There’s also a growing backlash against AI in the creative industries. While some businesses see it as a cheap way to get content written, others are asking writers not to use the technology and warning that they’re using tools that can detect AI-generated text. While it’s impressive technology, it isn’t ready to replace human writers (or speechwriters) just yet.

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