Trump Starts Posting Again on Social Media

Trump Starts Posting Again on Social Media

Trump RETURNS To Social Media – He’s Back!

( – Former President Donald Trump teased his social media followers last week with a short post announcing his return. Trump, whose lively Twitter feed became world-famous until company censors shut it down, has been quiet on social media for months. Is he planning a major comeback?

On April 28, Trump posted a message on Truth Social, the microblogging platform owned by Trump Media & Technology Group. The message was short and simple; he simply said, “I’m back!” with the hashtag #COVFEFE — a light-hearted reference to a typo he made on Twitter years ago, which became a catchphrase among his supporters. Trump added a photo of himself at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

This wasn’t Trump’s first post on Truth Social. Two months ago, when the platform launched, he announced his presence with a message. However, since then, he’s been busy touring the country and hasn’t been active on social media. Last week, when entrepreneur Elon Musk bought Twitter and promised to bring back free speech on the platform, there was speculation that Trump would soon be back on the popular website.

Trump has other ideas, though; he told followers that he wouldn’t be returning to Twitter and plans to use Truth Social instead. Is his latest message the start of that? A lot of Truth Social users will be watching Trump’s account closely in the next few days.

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