Trump Strolls to Victory in NH Primary

Trump Strolls to Victory in NH Primary
  • The Republican Party held its second primary race Tuesday.
  • 85% of voters cast their ballot for President Trump.
  • Trump now has 61 of 62 declared delegates. 
  • The GOP has canceled their primaries in multiple states.

( – President Trump handily won the New Hampshire Republican Primary on Tuesday. In contrast to the Democratic contest, it looks like the GOP has already pretty much decided who its candidate will be in November.

  • There were only two candidates in the Republican primary: President Trump and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. The former governor is running more or less as a spoiler candidate.
  • When polling closed, they showed a crushing victory for the president. Trump secured 85.9% of all votes cast, compared to 9.1% for Weld.
  • New Hampshire is a significant state for Trump. He also won the state’s primary in 2016, marking the point where he became a serious candidate. The hope this time will be that an early victory, particularly such an overwhelming one, will build the same sort of momentum as it did four years ago.
  • However, in the actual 2016 election, Trump lost New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin – just 2,700 votes. Since then the state’s Republicans have put a lot of effort into building support, and they’ll be hoping to turn it around this year.
  • The president held an event in Manchester, NH on Monday night to rally the party faithful, and managed to easily fill the venue. Significantly, a quarter of the crowd was registered Democrats and 17% didn’t vote in any of the last four elections.
  • If Trump can pick up a significant fraction of these wavering Democrats and inactive voters, overturning the 2016 result is well within reach. If only a third of those groups who attended the rally switch to voting for Trump in November, that would take him over the line.

New Hampshire is seen as the most likely of the states that voted for Clinton in 2016 to swing to Trump this time around. With that in mind, the Republican campaign for the primary was also a trial run for November. As well as the president’s rally appearance, his children attended a series of events throughout the state. Tuesday’s win will energize the campaign and its supporters.

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