Trump Supporters Duped by Fake “Trump Bucks” Scam

Trump Supporters Duped by Fake

( – Former President Donald Trump has a large base of enthusiastic supporters. Nearly three years after losing the presidential election, he remains the leader of the Republican Party. Scammers are now using their affection for the ex-POTUS against them.

In February, a man named John Amann posted a warning on Twitter, letting fellow supporters of the 45th president know that he’d purchased various types of Trump Bucks, and they had no monetary value. “YOU GOT SCAMMED,” he told them. Amann spoke to NBC News recently and told them he’d purchased $2,200 worth of Trump Bucks. When he went to the bank to cash them in, he was told they had no value.

Trump Bucks are emblazoned with pictures of the former president that are being advertised online as a way to help him in 2024 and get the buyers rich when they cashed them in. The companies selling the worthless pieces of paper are all given patriotic names like USA Patriots, Patriots Dynasty, and Patriots Future. The companies use an artificial intelligence (AI) version of Trump to sell the goods.

A Florida woman spoke to the news and said her 77-year-old mother-in-law was a victim of the Trump Bucks scam. She invested tens of thousands of dollars and believed she was going to turn a healthy profit. The woman said she tried to prove to her relative that she’d been scammed by taking her to a bank to cash them in. The teller told her they weren’t worth anything. Her family thought she understood the grift, but then sometime later, boxes arrived full of the Trump Bucks.

None of the people involved in the scam are answering questions. The numbers for the companies don’t get a person anywhere. The advertisements continue to pop up on social media sites, convincing more people to invest in the fake product.

There’s no indication that the former president is involved in the scheme to sell the coins and gold bucks.

To avoid being ripped off by similar scams, people should reach out to financial advisers and stick to traditional investments with a proven track record of yielding returns.

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