Trump Supporters Fund AOC Rival

Trump Supporters Fund AOC Rival

( – Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that some of President Donald Trump’s financial backers are also supporting a congressional candidate – a Democratic Party one. This might seem surprising at first, but there’s actually a good reason for it.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is running against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in New York’s 14th Congressional District. AOC is deeply unpopular with the administration, both with ordinary Republicans and even with swathes of her own party. Caruso-Cabrera would be a much better choice. As a pro-business moderate, she’s openly critical of AOC’s extreme politics and unreliable voting record.

Trump donors who’ve also supported Caruso-Cabrera include broadcaster Stanley Hubbard and venture capitalists Darren Blanton and Walter Buckley.

Businesses and investors at large lost patience with AOC after she blocked Amazon from setting up a corporate headquarters in her district. That would’ve created thousands of jobs, especially in a time where jobs are much-needed. Caruso-Cabrera, a former business journalist, is much more sensible on the economy and opposes higher taxes.

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  1. Bug Eyes 2 Front teeth is not capable or mentally equipped to be anything in government other than what she is now,STUPID Socialist with 3 more like minded SKANKS making it like a CIRCUS of Clowns

  2. Just ask yourself and name one good program she has promoted that will benefit America. Good by AOC!!!!!

  3. AOC and her complete “squad” are socialistic morons who would love to destroy our country and everything in it. She doesn’t have the brain power God gave a worm and acts like a snake

  4. Wake-up America. Socialism is not the real concern! Her Muslim religion permits her to lie if it furthers the Muslim cause. The Koran states “behead and cut off the hands of all non-believers in Allah”!

  5. I was thinking the same about Republicans about the extinction comment! They believed in rule of law and smaller government! I am not a fan of AOC but for the vile comments spewing out of some of your replies I wonder if I am in a dictatorship country where expressing ones opinion leaves you open to ridicule and possibly harm! Why not agree to disagree and leave the nastiness out of it!

    • It’s ok for the vileness that is launched daily against our President and now the police depts all across the nation…uhmm why don’t you tell the other side, too.

  6. Save your money. AOC has this in the bag. The voters in NY-14 are not voting for Caruso-Cabrera who lived in a $15,000-a-month Trump tower apartment until six months ago. She’s seen as a Trump stalking horse.

    • Being able to figure out how to make enough, to be able to live in a $500 a day apartment, is someone the voters need to check out!

    • It’s ok for the vileness that is launched daily against our President and now the police depts all across the nation…uhmm why don’t you tell the other side, too.

  7. Heather’s reply above on June 9th is about as ignorant a statement as I have
    read or heard come out of a Democrat’s
    mouth. I am just so pleased that most have the ability to know that AOC is by far the worst of the awful Dems in the House!
    Since she hates America so much why doesn’t she go back to where the camel jockeys are. To hell with the “rag heads”!!

  8. AOC is not a socialist. Please go back and dedicated yourself and pay attention to sociology and political science/civics. She is representing her district. Is it not hysterical t that a petite woman from Queens intimidates a man-boy from Manhattan.

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