Trump Tackles MAJOR Pharma Problem

Trump Tackles MAJOR Pharma Problem

( – The COVID-19 pandemic uncovered a huge problem with the manufacturing of medical supplies and ingredients for life-saving medications. America is heavily reliant on China for these materials. On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to tackle this issue.

Under the August 6 executive order, the country will start reducing the need to buy critical materials from other countries. Trump ordered his administration to “identify vulnerabilities in our Nation’s supply chains” for medical supplies. The “Buy American” order also encourages the government to find ways to produce them within the US.

During his speech at a Whirlpool factory in Ohio, President Trump said the order will mandate the government to “purchase all the essential medicine” the US needs from American sources.

The announcement was great news for Americans who worry about medication shortages during the pandemic. We should never have to wonder if we might die because China has cut off our supply. Trump promised to put us first four years ago, and he’s keeping his word.

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