Trump Takes Action Against Iran

Trump Takes Action Against Iran

( – On August 14, the United Nations (UN) Security Council voted down a US resolution that would’ve extended the arms embargo on Iran. Instead of standing by America, the 15-member council failed miserably; 2 countries voted against the extension, 2 voted for it, and 11 abstained.

In response, President Donald Trump is taking extreme action.

On August 19, Trump announced the US is going to use its “snapback” option that’ll restore nearly all of the sanctions against Iran. The president said he’s directing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “notify the UN Security Council” of his decision.

The secretary of state said the US is making good on its promise that it will not let the embargo expire.

State Dept. spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said “a range of UN sanctions will be restored” 30 days after Pompeo notifies the UN. That includes the suspension of enrichment activities in the Middle Eastern country.

The president isn’t going to allow Iran to obtain weapons they’ll use to target the US and its allies. He’s making that very clear.

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