Trump Takes Early Lead in Wisconsin

Trump Takes early Lead In Wisconsin
  • The latest polling data shows that President Trump leads among all registered voters in Wisconsin, comfortably ahead of all his Democrat rivals.
  • In two other swing states surveyed, the Dems are still in the lead — but none of their candidates has a consistent advantage in either state.
  • Biden, Klobuchar and Bloomberg lead in Pennsylvania, but in Michigan, the momentum is with Sanders.
  • Polling experts believe the healthy economy gives Trump a powerful boost.

( – A new poll shows President Trump building up a significant lead in the key swing state of Wisconsin. While so far he’s trailing in two other swing states, the president will be hoping that with his campaign building momentum, and the Democrat candidates busily tearing each other apart, this early advantage can be leveraged into a successful performance in November.

Trump’s Leading

Among registered voters in Wisconsin, Trump has a lead over every one of his potential Democrat rivals. His closest challenger is former Vice President Joe Biden, where the president’s lead is only 7%. Bernie Sanders is roughly neck-and-neck with Biden, also lagging behind Trump by 7%, but the other Democrats are trailing further back. The one with the most ground to make up is Amy Klobuchar, who’s polling a full 11% behind Trump.

One polling analyst, Mary Snow of Quinnipiac University, says the core issue driving the polls is the economy. With the global economy looking fragile, many Americans are concerned about their jobs and assets. Snow says the US economy is “giving President Trump a strong tailwind.”

Some Work to Do

The poll shows Trump behind the Democrats in Pennsylvania and Michigan, but their lead there is smaller than Trump’s lead in Wisconsin — and Snow believes it’s subject to the same economic pressure. With more good economic news likely between now and November, there’s every chance Trump will move ahead in those states too.

Right now the leaders in Pennsylvania are Biden, Klobuchar and Bloomberg, who all have a 7 to 8% advantage over the president. Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are doing less well there, with leads of 3 to 4%. That makes them very vulnerable to a Trump surge.

In Michigan, the race is even closer, with Sanders and Bloomberg just 5% ahead of Trump, while Buttigieg and Klobuchar are only 1% clear. Bident and Warren split the difference on 4% and 2% respectively.

The poll was conducted from 12-18 February, so it doesn’t account for the bloodbath Dem debate in Las Vegas on February 19, but that isn’t likely to hurt the president’s numbers. Compared to the carnage the Democrats inflicted on themselves that night, he’s going to look even more of a strong, stable leader than he does already.

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