Trump Tells Limbaugh Not to Apologize

Trump Tells Limbaugh Not to Apologize

( – Rush Limbaugh has recently earned the good graces of President Trump. During the last State of the Union Address, Trump gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The conservative radio host had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer just days before the address and receiving the medal.

Recently, Trump gave him some advice that has brought with it some controversy. According to Limbaugh, Trump told him not to apologize for some recent commentary about Pete Buttigieg and his electability as a gay man:

Limbaugh believes that Buttigieg being open with his sexuality will make him unelectable in the eyes of some. He didn’t say anything negative or homophobic against Buttigieg in spite of what some critics are saying. Rather, the talk radio host said wasn’t convinced that America was ready to elect a “gay guy kissing his husband” as the next president.

He’s not wrong, it may be 2020, but only 63% of people support same-sex marriage. In a country with a large chunk of deeply Christian voters, that isn’t all that surprising and the Democratic hopeful will have to face that head-on.

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  1. Anyone who says they are Christians and condone such actions are lieing to themselves. They need to read the Bible

  2. As a Christian Family and circle of friends, no one believes that would be acceptable to have a president and husband . Period ! We are already dealing with our male Governor kissing his male husband upon winning Governorship! His ex-wife and children were on stage, off to the side, with their heads hanging down, and looking embarrassed! You could almost see what the children were thinking. Why did my daddy leave my mom to marry that man! Everyone we know feels it is just disgusting, and just plain WRONG!

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