Trump Threatens Funding Cut … to Who?

Trump Threatens Funding Cut … to Who?

( – During the April 7 coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump revealed he’s at odds with the World Health Organization (WHO). He stated he might put a “very powerful hold” on funding to the international organization. The commander-in-chief accused the WHO of being China-centric and “wrong about a lot of things.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) supported Trump’s concerns.

The US contributes the largest amount to the WHO, donating between $100 and $400 million each year. Trump initially said the US would cut funding to it, but later said he was “going to look into” it.

WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus thinks Trump is politicizing the COVID-19 crisis. He told the president, “If you don’t want many more body bags you refrain from politicizing it.” The doctor then called for the US and China, along with the rest of the world, to work together and defeat COVID-19.

While the WHO director was critical of Trump, he seemed to ignore all of the ways the POTUS has effectively fought against the coronavirus. The US has even revised its expected number of deaths to 60,000, down from the original estimate of 100,000 to 200,000. That’s due, in part, to the restrictive guidelines put in place by the Trump Administration.

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  1. I applaud the awaking of America, cut ties with WHO and UN. And we’ll your at it make PM Trudeau disappear….Canada can’t take much more🙊🙉🙈

  2. China is Huge, with a population many times that of America. Reduce our funding accordingly. Maybe to a maximum of $25 million.

    • President TRUMP wants a dictatorship government. Sorry Mr. President this is not Russia. Next up to get the boot will be Dr. Fauci. He corrects President TRUMP’s falsehoods and makes him look stupid at times and we all know the President doesn’t like that.

  3. One being a Republican or a Democrat does not inherently make them a good or bad person or leader (or vice versa), seemingly only dependent on your political standing.

    Along the way, our supreme leader has made some good choices and decisions as well as some very poor choices which are well documented throughout the media. The media does this at their at their individual or corporate agenda, depending on their affiliation. This occurs repeatedly, everyday consistently, at nauseam.

    Walls are good, but at a cost. The strong, solid economy is helpful for both the rich and the poor, in all in between. Holding those on welfare accountable for their action or inaction is a positive thing. Making statements and political decisions based on your opinion and your own best interest in mind does great harm to the vast majority of American citizens.

    Do not hold Prejudice and wage war against those who have a different opinion from you or differing political affiliations, without truly understanding what is behind their intentions and their consequences of their actions and words.

  4. TRUMP is at odds with everyone. I wonder why? Because he makes deals with everyone expecting them to do what he wants and when they don’t, he gets rid of them. Trump is nothing but a corrupt idiot. GO BIDEN! GO DEMOCRATS! Let’s get Trump out of there before it’s too late.

    • really go Biden have you forgotten Ukraine so fast come on and as for making deals with everyone of course you would expect someone to hold up their end of a deal after they get what they wanted or do you enjoy getting bent over like we did from Obamas days remember Iran and Mexico

  5. Mark Nash
    In my opinion the director of WHO should step down, after he clearly demonstrated unprofessional conduct, in regards to the President and American generosity .Primarily you should never bite the hand that feeds you, and to make matters worse make politically charged statements that prejudice your position as the Director of the WHO.Lord forgive him, but he must be removed from office in order to restore faith and neutrality to American , and let this be a lesson to the WHO to focus only on what good charity can bring to this God forsaken world.

    • I am appalled at the head of the WHO. Sounds like a threat to me. Be honest in the first place and you wouldn’t be faced with accusations. How long for the cover up? 6, 7, 8 months? People are saying they had the virus in 2019. What’s up with that?

  6. Trump “the orange stable genius” is a loser. He only cares about himself and money. November 3 Americans will dump Trump.

    • Patricia: Regardless of your bias against President Trump, if it weren’t for him controlling our border with Mexico and his early banning of foreigners from Coronavirus ‘hotspots’ we would be in deep trouble with arguably many more Americans dead by now. Certainly wasn’t any help from the inept World Health Organization, or your feckless, Trump-hating Democrats who attacked him for banning foreigners early on. Your hatred of President will never let you see how much good he has done for America in many, many areas.

    • You are so wrong. A troll idiot. President Trump is doing a fabulous job and we will re-elect him November 3rd. Hide and watch.

  7. Some things are confusing, paying these countries. Is small price to pay them, because on the other hand it makes hard for them to tell us NO ,when we need the bases on their land. From there we take the battles to their countries. If you fail to help these ungrateful people, the bad guys will be here fighting.
    Look how frightening people get when some crazy killers are on the loose. Think about it, you don’t want the battles here. Remember 911

  8. These organizations should have been cut off years ago. This money should be spent on helping the American people who are suffering without jobs and helping our selfless medical personnel trying to help the sick and dying. The UN should have been tossed out of this country a long time ago and as far as WHO is concerned we have our own health organization. Let them get their money from the rest of the world.

    • Just be very very sure they can’t call it a quid pro quo. We don’t need that again. If all is kosher then cut them off. We can put that money to work in the USA

  9. Cut all funds to WHO, UN and all foreign entities that hate America but not the money, aide, etc., they received from us. President Trump is right – cut them off. Take care of AMERICA FIRST!!!!

  10. How about cutting the funds to other nations and the pay increases to the house of reps especially the Demorats that voted against a pay raise for us that are on Social Security???

  11. With all this cuttings going on. Why don’t we cut the pay of Congress? Especially that of Ms. Pelosi? She seems to be abeyyer bottle neck than anything else!

  12. Everyone want’s American money. Cut it or make them earn it. America and Real Americans first.

  13. Remember the John Birch society oh it was really a wicked time they were bad people they want to get rid of the united nations my gosh what a bunch of crazies really now what do you think, the same with the world health organization the world money associationMaybe we should think about not spending our money on pure kickbacks

  14. I agree with all said, cut funding to all organizations that take our money and hate us. They laugh at us, while putting the money in the banks and seek to destroy us, which is like cutting off your nose to despite your face, go figure. I for one stand with President Trump against all threats foreign or domestic.

  15. I do not agree with almost ALL things Trump, however, this is one my husband and I kind of agree with. The UN and WHO has never been on our side. Covering up for China and Russia for all we know. I know there are other politicians and countries who are in favor of this as well.

    • Not covering up, just putting together history and they lied to him about most all that they were doing and finding good Gates own patents!

  16. We need to cut funds to all those foreign groups – who, un and any others that only want our money and hate us.
    Maybe if Ghebreyesus had let the world know from the beginning instead of covering it up with China we would not have this crisis.

  17. I hope that the President does cut funding to the WHO, they are to cozy with china, and that is the epitome of anti American behavior. This is a no brainer, and I hope the President does it right away. I really they are a corrupt as the democrat party.

  18. I think we should suspend half of the money we give to W.H.O., especially when it’s seems like they cater to China.We also must start to take all our manufacturing business out of Asian countries, ASAP.

    • We need to completely stop all our money that we give to the hate group WHO, I agree we need all our manufacturing our of Asian countries. Especially medical additives that go into medicine.

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