Trump to Hospitals: Sharing is Caring

Trump to Hospitals: Sharing is Caring

( – Many hospitals are in need of respirators to treat severe cases of COVID-19. General Motors (GM) shifted its facilities to focus on ventilator production to help with the shortage. President Donald Trump estimated that a total of 32,000 ventilators will be built by the end of May and over 150,000 by the end of the year.

Even still, there are tens of thousands of respirators across the country not in use and Trump has taken notice.

During his April 14 COVID-19 press briefing, Trump introduced a new initiative, the “Dynamic Ventilator Reserve,” to help hospitals connect and lend unused respirators to those who need them.

According to the announcement, there are an estimated 60,000 respirators currently not in use. The Department of Health and Human Services and FEMA will support the program to ensure all American hospitals are prepared for COVID-19. The president also said that if there’s a need for more ventilators, the federal government promised hospitals that it will make sure the hospitals get them.

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  1. The real problem in this country is the ignorant people who vote for and support the worst president we have ever had. It has nothing to do with race or color. It does have however a little connection to do with extreme religion and wealth.

  2. Message to Annette. You need to go back to wherever your ancestors came from. You enjoy all the benefits our great nation has, yet all you can do is complain about the very people that made it possible.

  3. Please everyone try to be realistic and realize that we are all involved in the face of this virus and that we all need to be accountable for our own choices and actions on those choices. If you’re poor evulate what you have done to change your situation, then determine what steps you need to take to change it it’s human nature to lash out and place blame on someone else so we don’t have to recognize our own failure. Our President and his supporting deligates have been on a learn as you go mission to protect our society and our Country from the threats this Corona 19 virus posses. If you do not have all the information about your enemy, in this case Covid19, you are going to make mistakes along the way. Our President is in the eyes of some being critiqued for his actions in regards to this virus expecting him to be totally knowledgeable about this virus from the start. This thinking is flawed. Would you expect a first year Medical Student to know haw to do brain surgery? I say the answer is no but you are placing that type of expectation on our President in this case. Also you react like he’s foolish for ever believing the World Health Orginization director’s statements about the virus. How were we supposed to know that they had been swayed to support the Chinese explanation on the virus did you know everything about this virus before the outbreak here? I say no, that we are all learning as we go and that our Leaders are doing more for us than any other President has done before. Everyone please remember that when you point the finger of blame at anyone, you still have 4 fingers pointing back at you. So stop and re evaluate your choices and actions and see what you can do to improve your station. We play the major role in our stations of life. If you want change then do your part to create change. If you want to place blame make sure that you have not done anything you can be blamed for. Only you can change your sircumstance. Be grateful for the assistance you receive from other’s and strive daily to be a better you. Appreciate our President for what he does not for what you think he is. He is still only one person doing what he can for you and me and miss advice given to him from the committee he put together to fight this virus is not his fault. Remember that it’s Vice President Pence that’s in charge of the covid 19 virus collision trying to get complete info on the virus and howto combate it. Our President does give daily breffings to show us all he is supporting the committee. He is willing take questions daily then he turns the briefing back to Vice President Pence

  4. Thank you our president. He just wanted To open back some place .where is your state clear viruses and your governor state will have to make a decision


    • So are proud of him for what he is doing to the Postal Service he refuses to help them . So how proud are you of this person. He is only in for the money.

  6. Wow. First maybe you could each use your check to go back to school and learn how to talk correctly and put your words on paper.
    Second, are you racist much? Lol. Just how privaledged do you think you are? White people, any race for that matter, don’t owe you a damn thing. Go get a job.

  7. Annette Stallworth
    President Trump and his administration have been working round the clock. The President gives his salary back to some part of the government. I think there have been more white people to die from this virus than black.
    You sound like you are a racist. I my life time, I have seen black given a lot more help than white. You need to apologize to the people who have been working round the clock to help keep you and everyone safe.

  8. No White Americans don’t deserve to be president.All these white Americans have screwed this world all up.They don’t know how to run this world.Just greedy getting all the money from everybody else.Ever time a crisis occur.They are drinking and having a good time.Not suffering at all.God needs to take his world cause white Americans have destroyed everything

  9. President Trump is uncaring greedy person that don’t care about anybody.He trying to open this country back up to fast.Don’t care if more black Americans die.He opening business back up.And there going to be more deaths coming.He needs to send out another stimulus package because people are still in need.White Americans just want to live their lavish lives and don’t care about nobody.Just don’t want nobody to have anything but themselves.White Americans are greedy and selfish and evil .They think this is their world.Only God gonna cure this virus.Trump ain’t God is don’t have God power.

    • Did you even read this article before spewing out this ignorant hatred. The man is trying to help all Americans by getting ventilators where they are needed.

    • Did anyone ever tell you that you are a worthless POS? Well you are a worthless POS!!!
      Got it? Then get the hell out of this Country!!!

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