Trump Toughens Coronavirus Screening

Trump Toughens Coronavirus Screening

( – President Trump has announced tougher travel restrictions aimed at protecting Americans from the growing coronavirus epidemic. Going forward, passengers from countries where there’s a high risk of catching the virus need to undergo screening twice before entrance to the US is granted.

Travelers from certain countries already have to go through screening before they’re allowed to board their flight. Now they’ll be screened again on arrival before passing through US immigration. This will increase the chances of detecting sufferers, picking up anyone who has developed symptoms during their flight.

As of Monday afternoon, there were over 90 reported cases of coronavirus in the US and 6 deaths. The largest cluster of cases is in Washington state, but the disease has also appeared in other places. Vice President Pence is coordinating the national response to the epidemic.

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  1. I wish our asinine news media were more honest with people instead of trying to put them in a panic mood this is so disgusting for our country

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