Trump Trial Draws to a Close; Dems Say “Duty Demands” Impeachment

Trump Trial Draws to a Close; Dems Say

( – President Trump’s impeachment trial looked to be approaching its conclusion Monday, as requests for more witnesses were turned down and closing arguments began. With two hours allocated to each side, all the stops were pulled out to sway votes – but the outcome is almost totally predictable.

Making the case for impeachment, House Manager Jason Crow (D-CO) said, “I submit to you on behalf of the House of Representatives that your duty demands that you convict President Trump.”

Crow was responding to a claim by Alan Dershowitz, of the president’s legal team, who said that the president was acting in the nation’s interests and not his own.

Summing up for the defense, former Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr reminded the Senate that the House’s powers of impeachment aren’t limitless. He said that, in the rush to impeach President Trump, House Democrats decided they didn’t have time to follow the rules.

The final vote will be held Wednesday and is widely expected to end with the president’s acquittal.

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