Trump Vows to Protect Election

Trump Vows to Protect Election

( – On August 2, Nevada’s Democratic legislature pushed through a bill that will force election officials to send mail-in ballots to all of the voters in the state. Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (R) objected to the bill, but Leftists ignored her. Now, President Donald Trump is threatening legal action.

On Monday morning, Trump lashed out at the “illegal late-night coup” which gives Governor Steve Sisolak (D) the power to force Cegavske to change election procedures in a state of emergency.

One Nevada county has already passed a bill like this and it was an unmitigated disaster. Clark County sent ballots to every registered voter in the area and Fox News reported the ballots were piling up all over the place. They weren’t secure.

That’s the nightmare scenario. Tens of thousands of unsecured ballots piling up around the state, allowing anyone to fill them out and mail them in. The potential for fraud seems outrageously high. How could the American people ever believe the election results? And what repercussions would it have on our democracy?

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