Trump Warning To Iran: “Don’t Kill Protesters”

Trump Warning To Iran:

( – President Trump put the Iranian regime on notice Sunday, telling them not to repeat recent massacres of anti-government protesters. Currently, there are protests underway as Iranians express their anger at their government for shooting down a Ukrainian airliner last week. Other protests haven’t ended well, with up to 1,500 protesters reported having been killed over the last few months.

Now President Trump has warned Tehran that “America is watching,” as he explicitly told the regime not to kill those who’ve taken to the streets. Much of the violence against demonstrators was organized by Revolutionary Guards officer Qasem Soleimani, who was killed by a US airstrike 10 days ago.

Despite Trump’s warning, reports state police used live ammunition Monday night to disperse a demonstration in Tehran. No deaths have been reported but at least one woman was injured.

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