Trump Won’t Delay State of the Union

Trump Won't Delay State of the Union

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave President Trump a choice to make regarding the timing of the annual State of the Union Address. She said that Trump could choose to delay the address until after the Senate impeachment proceedings have taken place. Pelosi also suggested that he could write the State of the Union and send off a printed copy as was the custom during America’s early days.

Trump decided that he will not delay the address, even if the Senate impeachment trial is still underway on February 4.

Some speculated that the president would delay the event to ensure that he wasn’t distracted by the proceedings. It’s not uncommon; the State of the Union was delayed in 2019 due to the extended federal government shutdown. While it’s unknown exactly how long the trial will go on, it seems likely that the hearings will intercede with the address’ date.

Trump appears to remain undeterred from his accomplishing agenda in spite of the impeachment proceedings.

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  1. More power to you President Trump….you have my support and I have the utmost trust in you. Whatever you decide, I know it will be for the good of our country. Thank you for your continued success.

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