Trump Yet to Invoke Defense Production Act

Trump Yet to Invoke Defense Production Act

( – President Donald Trump invoked an old Korean War-era piece of legislation earlier this month. The Defense Production Act (DPA) allows the president to order American industries to retool their production capabilities for necessary supplies. Medical equipment, testing kits, and other essentials are currently in high demand due to the coronavirus outbreak. It turns out, the commander-in-chief doesn’t need to use the law after all.

Earlier this week, it seemed like DPA might be enacted to manufacture COVID-19 test kits. On Tuesday, the president said there was no need for that just yet. FEMA Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow later confirmed the law is not being used:

When the DPA was called upon, Trump stressed that he would only use it if corporations were unwilling to voluntarily step up the manufacture of essential items. The presidential administration is working closely with companies to determine how much can be supplied through voluntary means.

So far, American businesses are stepping forward to help in the time of need, so the act isn’t needed.

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