Trump’s Legal Team Challenges The Electronic Voting System (REPORT)

ALERT: Trump's Legal Team Challenges Major Electronic Voting Systems

( – Part of President Donald Trump’s legal team says millions of votes were deliberately switched from Trump to Joe Biden via rigged voting software sold by a Biden associate. Lead attorney Sidney Powell says she has enough evidence of fraud to overturn the election results and stop Biden’s march to the White House dead in its tracks.

Public records show that Smartmatic software, used by voting machines sold by Dominion Voting Systems, is used in more than 2,000 jurisdictions throughout the US. The chairman of Smartmatic, which was founded by Venezuelan engineers in 2000, is former US Coast Guard admiral Peter V. Neffenger, who was named as a member of Biden’s “transition team” on November 10.

Smartmatic software was rejected by Texas’s electoral commission three times over worries it was vulnerable to tampering, following allegations of election fraud involving the software in the Philippines and Venezuela.

Powell says CIA Director Gina Haspel ignored warnings about the software before the election, even when the people complaining about its vulnerability were senior Democrats. With two “glitches” involving Smartmatic already confirmed, one of which fraudulently flipped a county from red to blue in Michigan, this could be an explosive issue as the election dispute drags on.

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