Trump’s Next Steps to Fix America

Trump's Next Steps to Fix America

( – President Donald Trump is all over the place when it comes to dealing with our economic crisis, especially this week. He’s hosting lengthy conferences to address key issues related to safely reopening the country. Monday’s discussion focused on the restaurant industry, the unique challenges it faces, and what’s being done to overcome them.

Trump has also worked out a deal with Phlow Corp, a pharmaceutical company, to restore supply chain independence to the US.

The $354-million contract will be doled out over 4 years to manufacture drugs that medical professionals will test or use for COVID-19 infections. Also, the money will help make medications currently in short supply. Another $458 million is optional and could aid in creating long-term medical manufacturing in America.

Additionally, during a Fox Business interview, Larry Kudlow said Trump is calling for a 7.6% payroll tax cut “so their after-tax take-home pay goes up” when they go back to work. The president hopes this plan will help states regain revenue lost due to the outbreak. During a recent teleconference, the POTUS said his administration might step in to assist in reopening states.

Details of federal involvement are currently unknown, but it’s clear that Trump has the backs of local governments as America begins its economic recovery.

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  1. Thank God we have TRUMP. he will pull us all out of the Evil do Nothing democrats ways of Socialism . Nothing is FREE ! work hard and rep what you sow . Trump 20/20 MAGA , Vote Republican

  2. It sounds like to me these Trump haters would rather vote Democrat. And become a socialist communist . They don’t realize they will be giving away all their god given rights . Cause our great America would be like China and Russia! How stupid can you be ! God bless Trump! God put him in office of the president for a reason ! What that reason was to save our great land from communist , democrats!

  3. The only way we all lose this great country and all our freedom . Is By Being registered a democrat . Please people wake up . re register as another party (ASAP . ) of your chose. At least for the next election . So many ignorant people in my niehberhood . Iv done it to show how unhappy I am with the to far left policy there putting down our throats I believe California needs to be reformed The propaganda here just keeps us in conflict that’s whatkeeps our democratic politicians in control . They’ve divided and conquered all of us here in California

  4. Trump is the worst and most dangerous president and truly hope he will not be relected and that he ends up in jail!!!

  5. From an Australian’s point of view – 102 deaths and less than 8,000 cases (mostly from a ship that was stupidly allowed to dock) – Trump is a total lunatic who should be locked up so he can’t open his big mouth and spew out ridiculous, arrogant, self serving, lies…..I pity Americans but not those foolish people who voted this maniac into office. Our Prime Minister is an arrogant man but only a very watered down version of Trump. Thank goodness for our State Premiers who have the good sense and caring for Australians to not let out PM dictate what to do ….unlike some of your State Governors who have caved in to Trumps’s demands

    • And again there is no comparison to Australia and The United States. Land, economy, military, population. So you stay out of our and we won’t. Well you know.

  6. God didn’t do it!! God-loving people put him in office. There are more of us than the media would have you believe.

    • As JFK once said, “God’s work must truly be our own” God works through man!! Get off your butt and start doing what must be done.

    • How many times has President Trump been to church when it wasn’t an official visit a show or a event where he is giving condolences two people shot not a real Christian.

  7. We need to put God back in The United States!! President Trump has a lot on his plate, but without God our country is screwed!

  8. AMEN!!
    President Trump is GOD’S man. How else could he withstand all of the persecution he is withstanding but with GOD’S help. Joshua 1:9

    • My mother got hers…call to see if you can get some info…or check with your congressman

    • How many times has President Trump been to church when it wasn’t an official visit a show or a event where he is giving condolences two people shot not a real Christian.

  9. G-d bless our wonderful President Trump. He works hard every day to make America great for all Americans. He has been tested by investigations, illegal spying, impeachment, a hostile media and a do nothing opposition party focused solely on destroying his presidency. As we can see with this “virus”, the Democrats are living out their dreams of power. President Trump is our only hope to restore our county to greatness.
    Americans want freedom back. We desperately need to get back to work, and school, and the politicians need to stop suppressing our lives with this “new normal”. This election in Nov. will decide the destiny of America. President Trump in 2020!

  10. President Trump is doing a great job. I believe he is doing what God wants him to do, I also believe God put him in office because He knew we would need a good strong God believing man to handle all that was to come.

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