Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Strong for Reelection

Trump's Poll Numbers Are Strong for Reelection
  • A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows America is divided on impeachment
  • Trump’s starting his reelection campaign in a strong position
  • Pennsylvania polls are looking good for the president
  • Mike Bloomberg ahead of Pete Buttigieg in the poll
  • Trump won Michigan by roughly 11,000 votes in 2016

( – The 2020 campaign is in full swing and President Trump seems to be in a pretty good position. A new Washinton Post-ABC poll has produced some great numbers for Trump. However, that is not the only poll showing him doing well.

The WaPo-ABC poll found Americans are still pretty divided over impeachment. When asked if voters approve or disapprove of the way the president handled the impeachment inquiry 58% of respondents said they disapprove. That might be terrible news for other presidents, but not Trump.

That’s because the economy is doing really well. The stock market is producing incredible profits. The job market is outstanding. Unemployment claims are at a 50-year low. The housing market is doing well, and consumer confidence is pretty high.

Voters have noticed all that and now the president has the highest approval rating ever for his handling of the economy. Fifty-six percent of voters are happy with it. Not only is that poll good news for Trump, but FiveThirtyEight, pollster Nate Silver’s site, shows him doing well as well.

Trump was able to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 because he destroyed the Democratic Party’s “Blue Wall” when he picked up Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Florida, although not part of the “Blue Wall” was also instrumental.

Silver’s website has Trump leading in Pennsylvania against all of the Democratic candidates. In Wisconsin, he’s beating Buttigieg and Warren, down one point from Sanders and four points from Biden. Florida’s likely voters say they’d vote for Trump over all of the Left’s candidates. Michigan is the only one of the four states where he is down in all of the match-ups.

If Trump can win those states, his reelection chances are really good. Democrats, however, know this and they’ve been gearing up for a fight. In 2019, Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes, admitted they were not prepared for the Trump Train four years ago:

“I will own the party’s part in falling short in 2016. What we did not do is prepare ourselves to run a ground game. We sat back and waited for the national campaign — waited for the nominee to be chosen and then tried to stand up a campaign right around the time of the convention. It was too late. We have vowed as a party that that will never let this happen to us again.”

They very well may have prepared themselves for a fight, but so has the Trump team — and they are doing it while swimming in cash.

We have no idea who is going to win the 2020 race, but we do know one thing: it’s going to be a nail-biter all over again.

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  3. Trump has to and we hope he WINS IN 2020!!! That’s what will Keep Making America Great!!!! The Demorats will ruin us an our country if they win. WE DONT WANT THAT. TRUMP 2020, TRUMP 2020

  4. Donald J. Trump for President 2020! I predict he will win by a huge margin! God bless America! Everyone I know , they are voting for our President

  5. “One can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” I think people see what the democrats have been doing and don’t like it one bit. I am praying for you and your wonderful family.

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