Trump’s Super Bowl Interview Revelations

Trump's Super Bowl Interview Revelations

( – In an interview with Sean Hannity during the Super Bowl’s pregame show, President Trump shared his thoughts on the current state of America and some of his plans.

First, Trump said that the State of the Union Address will happen according to schedule this week. Initially, the impeachment process could have gotten in the way of his speech. Now that the trial seems to be wrapping up by the middle of this week, Trump is moving along.

The president also voiced his lack of confidence in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), saying, “I think she’s a very confused, very nervous woman.” Trump went on to talk about the Left’s influence on the future of American politics:

“I think she really knew what was going to happen, and her worst nightmare has happened. I don’t think she’s gonna be there too long, either. I think that the radical left — and she’s sorta radical left too, by the way — but I think the radical left is gonna take over.”

Referring to his supporters, Trump said that there was a “positive revolution” happening in America. He also pointed out how the DNC seems to be actively working against Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and his efforts to win the presidential nomination. Trump called Sanders a “communist” and seems to be undeterred by his rise in popularity among Democratic voters.

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