Trump’s Trading Cards Completely Sell Out

Trump's Trading Cards Completely Sell Out

( – Former President Donald Trump announced he was running for office again in November. The popular Republican teased a big announcement last week that had his supporters on pins and needles. On Thursday, December 15, he finally dropped the news: he’d created a series of NFTs — and they were very popular.

The former POTUS created digital trading cards for $99 that depicted him as a cartoon character. In one of the cards, he was dressed as a superhero. In another one, he was dressed as a cowboy, with a ranch setting behind him. There was Trump, the racecar driver and the former president with a spacesuit on like he was an astronaut.

The NFT trading cards sold out within 12 hours, netting NFT INT, the company that created the cards, about $5 million. The money will not go to Trump’s campaign. There are now accusations that the creators used copyrighted images to make the cards. According to the Independent, social media users were the ones who pointed them out.

Kevin and Keith Hodge, two of Trump’s supporters, said that whoever told the former president to create an NFT “should be fired.”

Did you buy the Trump trading cards? If so, are you happy with your purchase?

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