Trump’s Winning Streak Ends After Endorsed Candidate Fails

Trump's Winning Streak Ends After Endorsed Candidate Fails

Donald Trump SHOCKER – He Had A Good Run

  • Trump-endorsed candidates are doing incredibly well this campaign season.
  • Republicans are hoping to win the House and Senate back this fall.
  • The 45th POTUS might run in 2024. 
  • MAGA candidates are gearing up to try to make that happen by winning big in November. 

( – Former President Donald Trump is wildly popular among members of his party. The billionaire businessman won more votes than any other sitting president in the history of the US in 2020. He remains a powerhouse in the Republican Party, endorsing dozens of candidates ahead of the midterm elections.

The former POTUS has seen quite a number of the candidates he endorsed go on to win their primaries. Unfortunately, his streak came to an end in The Cornhusker State.

Streak Ends

On Tuesday, May 10, GOP candidate Jim Pillen won the Republican nomination for Nebraska governor. He beat Trump-endorsed Charles W. Herbster, a business executive who funded his own campaign. Pillen’s win marked the first time a candidate chosen by the former president has lost a primary race in 2022, according to the New York Times.

The media quickly made a big deal about Herbster’s loss, as if it was Trump’s fault. However, the reality is, that the business executive likely just had too much baggage. In the final weeks of the campaign, Herbster faced accusations of groping women.

Two Republican women, Elizabeth Todsen and Nebraska State Senator Julie Slama, accused Herbster of grabbing them at a 2019 political event in Omaha. Six others accused him of sexual harassment as well. The GOP candidate denied the allegations, but they persisted.

Herbster’s loss does little to dim the victories Trump has won this primary season.

MAGA Train

According to FiveThirtyEight, 36 candidates endorsed by Trump won their primaries this season. The polling website pointed out that the former president’s wins are a testament to how much influence he still has in the party.

Some of the candidates Trump chose were long shots who went on to win big. In Ohio, controversial conservative J.D. Vance won his primary despite the GOP establishment’s disdain for him. According to Axios, the old wing of the party treated Vance with the same disgust they used to treat Trump with.

The former president’s repeated wins prove he is the Republican Party these days. The base has jumped right on the Trump train, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down to accommodate the 45th president’s haters.

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