Tucker Carlson Highlights Soros’ District Attorney Schemes Pushing Liberal Agenda

Tucker Carlson Highlights Soros' District Attorney Schemes Pushing Liberal Agenda

(NewsReady.com) – In the run-up to the election, super PACs backed by billionaire George Soros funded a number of Liberal district attorney candidates across the US. It happened while nobody was paying attention and is already producing grave results.

On December 15, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson highlighted the issue on his show. The television star pointed out “a small group of committed extremists” is controlling the outcomes of small elections that the media doesn’t cover. Soros is among that group. He’s been exploiting the system and was able to get radicals in DA offices all over the nation.

In Los Angeles, the new prosecutor is already pushing his Liberal agenda through and it could make the city less safe. This is horrifying and deeply concerning. If the GOP wants to stop this from happening in the next election, they will have to start paying attention to every race, both big and small.

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