Tucker Carlson Hires Fired Fox News Worker

Tucker Carlson Hires Fired Fox News Worker

(NewsReady.com) – On the day former President Donald Trump was arraigned in federal court, a curious chyron appeared on the screen during a Fox News segment. The text called President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” and accused him of having his political rival arrested. The employee responsible for that is now out at the network — but he has a new job.

Producer Alex McCaskill resigned from his position at Fox News after the chyron scandal. He’d previously worked on Tucker Carlson’s primetime show before the network canceled it in April. In fact, the chyron, which others on the network admitted went too far, flashed on the screen during the last few minutes of Carlson’s former time slot.

Justin Baragona, from The Daily Beast, took a screenshot of an Instagram post by McCaskill confirming his resignation. The tweet showed a photo of the producer standing in front of Fox Corp’s building with his belongings in a box. The producer said working for the network was the best job he ever had but acknowledged it was over.

McCaskill reportedly offered to give the company a two-week notice, but he was told to clean out his desk that day.

Carlson seemed to have insider info about what happened at the network. During the June 15 episode of his Twitter show, the day before McCaskill’s resignation, the former host mentioned the person responsible for the chyron was scolded for it.

According to new reports, McCaskill has now joined a growing number of former Fox News employees who Carlson has allegedly hired. Chadwick Moore, who authored the “Tucker” biography, said his sources indicated at least nine former employees went to work with him.

McCaskill is one of three former producers who are now working for Carlson, according to Moore. He said the staff on the former number-one host’s show was very close; many of them had been there since the beginning.

McCaskill is also one of the Fox News employees mentioned in the lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg, a former producer. She accused him of belittling female employees “habitually.” The network has denied her allegations.

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