Tucker Carlson Returns With New Show Role

Tucker Carlson Returns With New Show Role

(NewsReady.com) – The battle between Tucker Carlson and Fox News heated up this week. The former number-one cable news host has now moved on from the network. In the time since, he has launched his new venture, but it’s not a traditional program.

On June 6, Carlson debuted his new show “Tucker on Twitter.” The first episode was just over 10 minutes long. According to the social media platform’s stats, at the time of writing, the show had already received over 110 million views.

Episode one featured Carlson sitting in a wood-paneled room, which appears to be the same one he filmed a statement in after Fox News canceled his popular television show. During the program, he asked, “What exactly happened on 9/11?” He also demanded to know why journalists have not tried to dig for the truth about JFK’s assassination.

In the 10-minute segment, Carlson blamed Ukraine for the dam explosion in the country. He called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is Jewish, “sweaty and ratlike” as well as “shifty [and] dead-eyed.”

The former Fox News host said the media controls the “access to all relevant information.” He opined that everyone is “allowed to yak all we want about racism,” but they aren’t allowed to talk about things that really matter. Carlson said his new show on Twitter would be the “shortwave radio under the blanket.”

The day after the first episode of Carlson’s show aired, Fox News reportedly notified his lawyers that he was in violation of his contract with the network. The claims appear to be setting the groundwork for a lawsuit. The television star’s attorneys told Axios that taking such action against their client would violate his First Amendment rights.

The lawyers went on to say that Fox News is trying to take away “Carlson’s right to speak freely” just because he decided to use social media to express his opinions. They have previously accused the television network of breaking its promise to Carlson not to settle with Dominion Voting in a way that accused him of “wrongdoing.”

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