Tucker Carlson Says Lincoln Project Is “Terrorizing” Trump’s Legal Team

Tucker Carlson Says Lincoln Project Is

(NewsReady.com) – The Lincoln Project, a group founded by Never Trumpers, is under fire again for its tactics. This time, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is accusing the group of “terrorizing” President Donald Trump’s election lawyers.

On Tuesday, November 17, Carlson slammed the organization for tweeting the contact info of attorneys representing Trump. The Lincoln Project recently launched an advertising campaign that cost roughly $500,000. The Fox News host went on to say the Never Trumpers did it with one goal: to terrorize “commercial clients” of firms working for the president.

Carlson then went through a list of law firms who have now “withdrawn from representing the Trump campaign.”

This isn’t the first time the Lincoln Project has used devious tactics to attack the president and those around him. In October, the organization paid for two billboards in Times Square with pictures of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, attributing the COVID-19 deaths and crisis to them.

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