Tucker Carlson’s Recent Interview Outrages Conservatives

  • Tucker Carlson is often referred to as a white supremacist by his enemies.
  • Recently, he interviewed an alleged Christian pastor who lives in Palestine. 
  • The television host is being accused of a hit piece on Israel.
  • Israelis are speaking out against Carlson.

(NewsReady.com) – Tucker Carlson is one of the most controversial media figures in the country. Liberals have called him a white supremacist for years and accused him of spreading lies. Fox News terminated him in 2023, shortly after losing a nearly-billion-dollar defamation lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems that included remarks that Carlson made on his primetime show. The cable network has never explained why it fired the star.

Carlson is now facing backlash from conservatives over a recent interview with a pastor.

The Interview

On April 9, Carlson aired a 40-minute interview with Munther Isaac. The pastor is Palestinian and talked to the former Fox News host about what’s happening to Christians during the conflict with Hamas.

Carlson jumped on the bandwagon of those attacking President Joe Biden’s support of Israel. The political commentator said a “consistent […] theme of American foreign policy” He went on to say he’s noticed that every time the US funds a war overseas, American Christians “die disproportionately.” He said there hasn’t been any word about the Christians who live in the Gaza Strip, Israel proper, or the West Bank.

So, Carlson set out to find himself a Christian so he could speak to them about what’s going on and that’s when they found Isaac. The pastor claimed one of the major problems facing Christians in the region “is the deterioration of [their] numbers.” He said that’s due to the harsh life they live under the occupation of the region by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

As a result of the harsh reality, Isaac said that “young Palestinian Christians continue to leave […] Bethlehem” and other cities, in search of a better life. He also criticized the “so-called religious right” because they haven’t shown Palestinians any sympathy at all.


Jewish Insider published a scathing article about the interview. It blasted Carlson for refusing to interview Christians in Israel and going straight to Palestine instead. The article claimed Isaac is the founder of an anti-Israel organization, Kairos Palestine, whose founding documents are full of antisemitism. For example, the organization called the Torah a “dead letter” used to deprive Palestinians of their land.

The website also pointed to a sermon Isaac gave on October 8, 2023, when he said the terrorist attack the day before was the logical outcome.

Caroline Glick, an Israeli-American columnist for Newsweek, took to X, formerly Twitter, to attack Carlson. She called the interview a “hit piece that shows [Carlson’s] generally well-hidden hand.”

She pointed out that the Christian community in Bethlehem is basically gone, and the only Christian community is in Israel.

Carlson hasn’t responded to the criticism.

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