Tulsi Gabbard Skipping Next DNC Debate

Tulsi Gabbard Skipping Next DNC Debate

DNC candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is only one Democrat-sanctioned poll away from qualifying for the December debate. In spite of this progress, Gabbard has officially announced that she won’t participate, even if she meets the requirements.

In order to attend this round of debates, candidates must have at least 4% in at least four DNC-approved polls. Additionally, candidates must receive donations from at least 200,000 unique individuals. As stated above, Gabbard is only missing one poll for qualification.

Gabbard tweeted to further clarify her decision.

It’s no secret to those who have paid attention to the debates that Gabbard has issues with the DNC. She critiqued the organization for its debate qualification standards and has also accused the DNC of being biased against her while being more favorable to higher-ranked candidates. She believes that the DNC and corporate media entities that hosted previous debates are attempting to “hijack the election.”

Gabbard has consistently polled around 1% throughout her time in the presidential race.

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