U.S. Senator PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED – Details Pouring In!

Someone Threw an Object at Ted Cruz, Leading to Arrest

Someone Threw an Object at Ted Cruz, Leading to Arrest

(NewsReady.com) – Politicians often have to deal with their constituents’ complaints, particularly when they disagree with their legislative actions. However, in today’s climate, violence against our lawmakers is becoming increasingly prominent. Such evidence of this was on display in Houston recently when a man allegedly lobbed an unopened can of White Claw at Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Senator Cruz was merrily waving to the crowd while participating in the victory parade following the Houston Astros’ World Series win when he received some jeering from the crowd. One spectator took things a bit further, though, hitting Cruz in the chest or neck area with a can, per authorities. Thankfully, he didn’t require medical attention.

According to reports, bystanders in the crowd grabbed the man, identified as Joseph Halm Arcidiacono (33), until authorities could take him into custody. He was later charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Cruz took to Twitter to thank the police for their work in nabbing the suspect so quickly. He also couldn’t resist taking a shot at his assailant, saying he had a “noodle for an arm.”

Arcidiacono posted a $40,000 bond to get out of jail and appeared in court again on Wednesday, November 9.

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