Ukraine Captures Soldiers As It Recaptures Ground In Kharkiv

  • Russia has spent weeks attacking the Kharkiv Oblast.
  • Russian troops reoccupied some of the towns and relentlessly bombed the region.
  • The US and Germany gave Ukraine permission to launch counterattacks into Russia.
  • Ukraine has now gained ground in the border conflict.

( – The Russian war on Ukraine is still raging, almost two and a half years after the invasion began. In recent weeks, Russia has focused a lot of its military might on the country’s second-largest oblast, Kharkiv. The city sits along the border with the adversarial nation and the Russian military has launched many of its attacks from inside of its own country by using ballistic missiles and glide bombs to decimate the once-vibrant oblast.

In recent days, the US and Germany have permitted Ukraine to use weapons supplied by them to attack Russia’s interior to defend itself. That has made a big difference, according to the Ukrainian government.

Ukrainian Victories

On June 2, the Ukrainian military reportedly captured approximately 60 Russian soldiers near the city of Vovchansk, in the Kharkiv Oblast. Nazar Voloshin, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Khortytsia operational-strategic group, reported the news to local media. Troops were also able to regain some ground in the region.

Ukraine’s 36th Separate Marine Brigade also reported the news in a post on social media, according to The New Voice of Ukraine. The post showed a video of the soldiers and had a caption that said the Ukrainian troops were “replenishing the exchange fund for the return of [their] brothers (comrades) from Russian torture chambers!” The Russian and Ukrainian governments have regularly exchanged troops throughout the war.

In addition to the captured Russians, there are reports that Ukrainian troops have successfully pushed the enemy fighters into the center of Vovchansk.

Germany and the US Give Ukraine Permission

At the end of May, President Joe Biden’s administration permitted Ukraine to use certain US-made munitions to fight back against Russia. The change allowed the Ukrainian troops to fire into Russian territory. Germany also announced that Ukraine could use German weapons for counterattacks. The decision came after weeks of relentless bombing from the Russian side of the border that allowed their forces to reoccupy Ukrainian villages.

Ukraine argued that not allowing them to use the weapons in counter-attacks across the border left them with their arms tied behind their backs. They said Russia would continue to attack because the West was not giving Ukraine the permissions needed to protect their people from the attacks.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg applauded the US and Germany for making the change, saying, “Self-defense is not escalation. Self-defense is a fundamental right.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of waging a proxy war against it by permitting Ukraine to strike inside his country.

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