UN Secretary-General Demands End to Hostilities in Gaza

(NewsReady.com) – Israel has been at war with Hamas in Gaza for more than 100 days. The conflict has been absolutely devastating for civilians in the region. The United Nations (UN) secretary-general has now demanded an end to the battle.

The war began on October 7, when Hamas terrorists killed over 1,300 Israelis in coordinated terrorist attacks. Many of the victims were young people who attended a music festival. Others were just living their lives when terrorists gunned them down. Babies were reportedly beheaded, and women were raped.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by vowing to eradicate Hamas. He then ordered the military to begin dropping bombs on Gaza. In over 100 days, almost 2 million Palestinians have been displaced. Nearly 24,000 people have been killed; 10,000 of them were children and babies. Homes, businesses, hospitals, and other infrastructure have been destroyed. Gaza has essentially been leveled. The conflict has also bled over into Lebanon.

On January 13, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Israel to pause its campaign. He said there should be an “immediate humanitarian cease-fire.” He said it’s needed to ensure aid reaches the people and to “facilitate the release of the hostages” who were taken on October 7. He also said it’s needed to stop the conflict from spreading further.

Israel is also bombing Hezbollah militants along its border with Lebanon and sent a drone into the neighboring country to take out a Hamas leader. Guterres said he’s very worried about a war between Lebanon and Israel and the impact that would have on stability in the Middle East.

President Joe Biden’s administration, which has supported Israel’s efforts to rid the world of Hamas, also called on Netanyahu to wind the conflict down. The National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, told CBS the White House thinks it’s the “right time” for Israel to “transition to low-intensity operations.”

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