UN Sent Open Letter With Catastrophic Warning

UN Sent Open Letter With Catastrophic Warning

(NewsReady.com) – The supply chain has experienced a number of interruptions over the last year or so. There has been a shortage of goods, hacking incidents, and even a ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Now, workers are sending the United Nations a dire warning.

On September 29, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) sent an open letter to world leaders. The organizations explained that workers have been dealing with COVID-19 restrictions that have had an “enormously detrimental impact on their wellbeing and safety.” They accused world leaders of failing transportation workers and taking advantage of their work as they struggle to “keep the world running.”

The organizations said they have consistently asked governments to provide vaccinations for these workers globally, and allow the freedom of movement they need to continue delivering goods. Their demands have not been met, and now the workers worry about the detrimental impact world leaders’ decisions will have on the global supply chain.

The open letter demanded the governments “bring an end to the fragmented travel rules and restrictions” impacting the global supply chain. Not doing that has already led to shortages, disruptions in delivering goods, and a strain on workers. If action is not taken soon, the global supply chain could collapse and leave economic ruin in its wake — imagine the toilet paper wars of 2020 on steroids.

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