Undecided Voters More Impressed By Trump Than Biden (REPORT)

Undecided Voters More Impressed By Trump Than Biden (REPORT)
  • Biden and Trump faced off at one final presidential debate on October 22. 
  • Undecided voters felt good about the president’s performance after the event. 
  • As of September 2020, Gallup found 42% of voters consider themselves independent. 
  • Experts believe independents will decide the 2020 election. 

(NewsReady.com) – Undecided voters are the most coveted voting bloc. Both Democrats and Republicans go into every election knowing the majority of their party is going to vote for their candidates no matter what they do. That’s a result of the persistent partisan divide in the US. However, there are millions of voters in the center who still vote for the candidate, not the party.

In a presidential election as close as the 2020 race, each side wants those voters. They are the people who will decide the race. And right now, it seems as though they like President Donald Trump.

Undecided Voters Sound Off

On Thursday, October 22, Republican pollster Frank Luntz held a virtual focus group to see what undecided voters thought about the final presidential debate. A group of 14 people participated in the event and several said they’re more likely to vote to re-elect Donald Trump after watching the debate.

One of the voters said they’re “leaning more toward Trump” after the debate, but still don’t feel as if the candidates answered the questions about race relations in a comprehensive manner. President Trump discussed the issue during the event and pointed to his record of criminal justice reform, pardons, and low unemployment for black people as proof he takes the issue seriously.

What Now?

Realistically, there probably aren’t a lot of undecided voters left. Now, it’s all about voter turnout. Who is going to get more people to the polls? Early voting numbers in Florida, a state vital to President Trump’s re-election, are about even for Republicans and Democrats. That’s a scene playing out around the country.

The election is just over a week away. If voters feel strongly about their candidate, they need to get to the polls and cast their ballot on November 3, or earlier, if their state is still offering early voting. Every vote will count this time around.

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