US-China Trade Deal a Win Among Trump Fans

US-China Trade Deal a Win Among Trump Fans

Crowds roared in Toledo, Ohio during one of President Trump’s most recent campaign rallies. What he dubbed as a “big, beautiful monster,” the US-China trade deal garnered the support of fans attending the speech. The two countries signed the deal on Wednesday.

What exactly has people so excited about Trump’s newest trade agreement with China?

Many believe that the new deal will ease tensions between the two world powers, even though many important details won’t be released until the agreement is signed.

Some perceive the trade deal as a way for America to get its money back from its economic rival. They admire Trump’s efforts to stand up to China.

Trump’s controversial tariffs put in place during the US-China trade war weren’t as uniformly popular among consumers as he expected. Still, Trump supporters believe that he had to do something, even if it wasn’t the most optimal course of action. In fact, the tariffs may have pressured China into sitting down at the negotiation table sooner rather than later.

With all of the benefits to the manufacturing, agriculture, industries as well as the creation of well-paying jobs, this new round of trade deals should be a massive boon to the US economy.

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