US Cities See Post-Election Protests

US Cities See Post-Election Protests
  • Americans still don’t know the results of the November 3 election.
  • President Donald Trump believes funny business is happening in some states but remains confident.
  • Joe Biden believes he’s already won.
  • Protesters are taking to the streets.

( – For weeks, Americans have been bracing themselves for election-related unrest. Cities across the country saw businesses boarding up their windows as if preparing for a hurricane. Voters from both parties expressed concern about a civil war breaking out. What once seemed like an outrageous suggestion was starting to look increasingly more likely in the incredibly polarized country.

Although the cities didn’t see the level of violence many were worried about, some urban areas are seeing largely peaceful protests.


The vote count in Pennsylvania is hotly debated. President Donald Trump was up more than 600,000 votes on Election Night. But, as the mail-in votes were counted, that gap started to close. Conservatives believe there may have been incidents of voter fraud in the heavily Democratic areas.

The president’s supporters have been calling on election officials to “stop the steal” in Pennsylvania. The activists have remained calm and not burned down a single building.

New York City

In New York City, “Count Every Vote” protests descended into violence over the last few days. Violent Leftists got into fights with police officers who were trying to control crowds.

The continued assaults on the police are something President Trump warned about prior to the election. He said the Left wants to defund officers, resulting in cities descending into violence. It’s something we’ve all seen play out over the last several months, and it looks like the POTUS’s warning had teeth.


This Oregon city has been a hotbed for far-Left violence for several months and the days after the election were no different. Governor Kate Brown tried to get ahead of the most recent wave of unrest by extending state police presence in the city.

Americans are still waiting to find out who the next president will be for the next four years. The tension will likely remain until then. Let’s hope violence remains minimal.

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