US Fighter Jets Deployed on Air Police Mission

US Fighter Jets Deployed on Air Police Mission

U.S. Fighter Jets DEPLOYED – Details Released

( – The US has made it clear from the beginning of the Russian war that it would not send Americans to fight in Ukraine. What American troops will do is protect NATO nations. That’s exactly why fighter jets are being deployed to Europe.

The Associated Press reports more than 200 Vermont Air National Guard personnel, eight F-35 fighter jets, and other equipment are in Europe. The team will fly enhanced air policing missions to protect NATO’s eastern borders.

Lt. Col John “Rocky” MacRae, an F-35 pilot, told the AP that the Vermont soldiers are in Europe to “defend NATO.” He explained they aren’t going to start a conflict or act aggressively; they’re there to support America’s allies. If Russians were to invade the airspace of a NATO country, the US troops would intercept the hostile actors.

On April 29, jets scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft in the Black and Baltic Sea regions. NATO revealed the aircraft never entered their airspace and said the “interceptions were conducted in a safe and routine manner.”

The enhanced policing missions are not new. NATO put them in place after Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea, another Ukrainian territory, in 2014.

Do you support the enhanced policing missions?

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