US Governor Exposes Joe Biden’s Hypocrisy in Epic Statement

US Governor Exposes Joe Biden's Hypocrisy in Epic Statement

( – Independence Day is supposed to be a celebration of American freedom. Every year, millions of people attend fireworks displays and mark their appreciation for living in arguably the greatest country on Earth. President Joe Biden has decided to hold the annual fireworks display in Washington, DC, to celebrate America’s growing independence from COVID-19. However, one Republican governor is slamming the president for being a hypocrite after his administration refused to give her permission to do something similar.

On June 15, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem blasted Biden for being a “hypocrite.” She posted an announcement from the White House that the fireworks display would take place on July 4. The governor was angry because the federal government denied a similar request from her administration to have a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore in March.

The National Park Service rejected Noem’s request to hold the display, in part, because of health risks associated with COVID-19. Now, just a couple of months later, the president will hold a similar display in the Capitol to celebrate the fact that America is getting back to normal in the wake of the pandemic. So, which is it: is it risky to hold an event because of COVID, or has the country moved past COVID? Governor Noem and the rest of the country would love an answer.

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