US Intel Insider Says Joe Biden Poses Active Threat to United States

US Intel Insider Says Joe Biden Poses Active Threat to United States

( – President Joe Biden says far-right extremism is the biggest threat facing the US. A former intelligence chief has a different opinion, though – and the president probably isn’t going to like it.

On September 12, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe appeared on Fox’s Life, Liberty and Levin to discuss the state of the world. Ratcliffe, a former Republican congressman for Texas’s 4th District who served as DNI in the last year of the Trump administration, told host Mark Levin Biden himself is the biggest threat to our national security. He backed up that claim with a catalog of blunders that have put our country in danger.

Ratcliffe said the Biden administration is “batting zero” on national security, and highlighted the recent disaster in Afghanistan. He said the bungled withdrawal has “breathed life into the radical Islamic terrorist movement … but around the world” with consequences we can’t predict.

According to Ratcliffe, the biggest danger is that Biden won’t listen to his intelligence advisers. He told Levin the intelligence was “crystal clear” about what would happen if the US rushed its withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the president went ahead anyway. Our retreat from Kabul was embarrassing and made us look weak – but a similar bungle dealing with Russia or China could be disastrous.

Can Biden learn from Kabul, or is the job simply beyond him?

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