US Issues New Sanctions

US Issues New Sanctions

( – Faced with the UN’s refusal to enforce its own sanctions on Iran, the Trump administration took action to counter the rogue state’s illegal nuclear weapons program. On Monday morning, September 21, Donald Trump issued an executive order, which imposes a wide range of sanctions on the Islamic Republic, pressuring both prominent weapons researchers and the Iranian state itself.

Currently, the UN has an embargo on conventional weapons sales to Iran. However, that expires in October and the Security Council is refusing to renew it. The new US sanctions will reinstate that embargo indefinitely, and impose new sanctions on any company or individual that sells weapons or nuclear technology to Iran.

The European Union (EU) and many governments claim this move by the US has no legal weight, and that the lifting of sanctions will go ahead. Secretary of State Pompeo rejects that interpretation, however, explaining that the US is using the “snap back” procedure for restoring lapsed sanctions and urging other countries to “import” the new American restrictions.

At the end of the day, Trump is simply attempting to hold Iran responsible for its actions.

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