US Launches Airstrike in Somalia for First Time Since August

US Launches Airstrike in Somalia for First Time Since August

( – The terrorist group al-Shabab has become a major concern in East Africa in recent years. Former President Donald Trump’s administration often targeted the jihadists. His successor, President Joe Biden, hasn’t been quite as diligent.

The same week Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the US conducted a drone strike on al-Shabab terrorists in Somalia. It was the first time the Biden administration had authorized an airstrike since August 2021. According to reports, the strike was carried out in response to an attack on allied Somali forces.

Although Biden has set new rules for drone strikes, which generally requires the military to get permission from the White House before carrying one out, these did not need such approval. Africa Command may authorize strikes on its own to support allied forces. American soldiers were not in the field during the latest operation; instead, they remained in an undisclosed location and directed movements from there.

Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, head of Africa Command, told the press that al-Shabab is “al Qaeda’s largest, wealthiest, and most deadly affiliate.” Still, the Biden administration seemingly hasn’t taken the missions against the terrorists nearly as seriously as Trump. Hopefully, that doesn’t come back to bite him.

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