US Pentagon Stepping up Amid Missile Threat

US Pentagon Stepping in Amid Missile Threat

( – Military officials have been quite concerned about blind spots in the US missile defense system. It’s especially worrisome as China and Russia develop increasingly more sophisticated weapons. The Pentagon is now moving to bolster the country’s security.

The Pentagon wants to deploy sensor satellites in low Earth orbit to try to fill the holes in the defense system. In August, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten spoke at an industry conference saying he wants, “overhead sensors that see everything, characterize everything that goes on on this planet from a missile perspective, all the time, everywhere.”

The military is especially concerned about hypersonic missiles. These are weapons that they can’t see on the radar because they fly low and fast, allegedly making it possible to penetrate countries’ missile defense systems. Their heat signature is also dimmer, making it harder for traditional sensors to spot them from higher altitudes.

The Pentagon hopes to solve the problem by launching sensors in low orbits to detect and shoot the missiles down. The Space Development Agency (SDA) is now developing satellites that can hopefully track hypersonic weapons. The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is also working on sensors to identify the location of missiles launched towards the US. Military contractors hope to have systems developed by 2023.

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