US Sends Military Aide to Ukraine

US Sends Military Aide to Ukraine

( – The situation in Ukraine is becoming more dire by the day. The Russian military has put roughly 100,000 troops on the border, and US officials believe President Vladimir Putin could invade his neighbor at any time. With that in mind, President Joe Biden’s administration recently sent aid to Ukraine to help it protect itself.

On Wednesday, January 19, Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian officials to discuss the ongoing tensions with Russia. The secretary reportedly reaffirmed the US’ commitment to the country, including sending $200 million in military aid. The State Department didn’t specifically say how the funding would be used.

The meetings came one day after Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the situation between Ukraine and Russia is “very dangerous.” She said the administration believes it’s at a critical point where Putin might “launch an attack.”

Russia has demanded the US and NATO permanently ban Ukraine from joining the international alliance – they refused. Putin officials also claimed the reason there are troops along the border is to stop NATO from invading Ukraine, something that’s not supported by any evidence.

The hope is that diplomacy will stop the conflict from going any further. If it doesn’t, Ukraine now has the means to help protect itself.

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